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Is it possible to go to an Amish town and join them?

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Ring around the rosie

A pocket full of posies

Ashes, ashes

1/3 of the European population gets obliterated by the Black Death

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Well he’s not going to speak to me until tomorrow.. Couch lyf 4 me.
I got a ‘sweet dreams’ though..

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Well he got me somehow to spend all $150 on clothes
Now I am broke again
But I am going home
Either he will apologize or meet me at the door with bags

On another note, why the fuck do people want to yell so loud on public transit?
Stop singing nirvana at the top of your lungs? Please?

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If only I had not rolled over in my sleep
I wouldn’t have woken him up
If only I had known where the change room in the store was
So I didn’t embarrass him by looking dumb
Looks like I’ll be spending my night downtown again. Richmond & Dundas. Main bus stop and a lot of people. At least I won’t feel like I’m in a nightmare

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I am a sad sad lonely girl.

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Bitch drove by me leaving the apartment with Ljays mum today
Yelled “FUCK YOU JEN” out the window
I doubt she’s smart enough to realize that I live there and she now knows where I live
But she’s dam lucky she stayed in that car. You even heard of a ‘man Jamaican woman’?
That is Susan. She woulda had a hole in her stomach from her high heel shoe.

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